⚙️Tech Workflow

From Bitcoin to Mapo L2

  1. Users will initiate a new BRC201 inscription. They will need to input parameters including the destination chain, destination address, token ticker, token amount and fee rate.

  2. After a new BRC201 gets inscribed, it needs to be transferred to our ROUP Vault Address in order to be rolled up

  3. After the confirmation of the transfer, the Token Asset Contract on the MAPO L2 will mint the corresponding amount of tokens to user specified address

From Mapo L2 to Bitcoin

  1. Users will initiate the cross-chain transaction by specifying destination chain, destination address, token ticker and token amount.

  2. The Token Asset Contract will burn users token at the MAPO L2

  3. The cross-chain transaction will gets verfied

  4. A new BRC201 will be inscribed and transferred to user specified bitcoin address

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